A Home Tailored To Your Tastes & Needs

Your home is a sanctuary, a place of respite, and also a reflection of your personality.  I start each project with a consultation and walk through of the spaces we will be working on, as well as any other problem areas in the home.  I love using innovative design ideas to create solutions for your lifestyle.  My personal design style is very flexible and ever changing.  I have worked with everyone from minimalist clients with a Scandinavian vision, to bold clients desiring to bring the global eclectic decor of their travels abroad back home.  I don’t ascribe to trends and fads, I want to create a haven that my clients will love for years to come because it was designed specifically with their personal aesthetic at heart.  

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One Day Consultation

I am currently taking on one day consultation clients.  We will meet in your home on the scheduled day of consultation, take a brief overview and discuss issues and desired goals as well as budget.  I will utilize your existing furniture and decorations to optimize your current design, take you shopping to obtain missing elements and afterwards send you a design package with recommended future purchases to complete your home.  This will be an 8 – 10 hour day, with a one time fee of $400.  

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Styling for the Holidays, optimizing your home for real estate photos and showings, or simply bringing your personality to the forefront of your home through the special details that accentuate your space.  It’s the little touches that finish a space.  Rates are hourly.

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Color Consulting

Choosing the correct colors for your space can be the most difficult part of decorating.  When done correctly, it’s also the most rewarding!  Let me take the stress out of the equation for you.  Rates are hourly.